Need Advice Optimization red/yellow/green scale on keyword explorer

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I'm confused on the optimization strength scale on the key word explorer tool. What throws me off is the little explanation that pops up when you hover over the question mark it reads : This number represents how well the top ranking videos are for the search phrase. if they are not well optimized it provides you an opportunity to break in and rank for the keyword by properly optimizing your video. (putting this keyword in your title description and tags.)

My question is this: Do I want to see a red area or green area on this scale? So is the green well optimized for them or for me? I want to understand why it is the way it is, but I might just have to go with someone telling me "Just try to get it in the green" lol.


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Optimization strength should be green, not well optimized means you have an excellent chance to come in with a well optimized video and if it performs, stay highly ranking!