Business Channel Looking to Collab with Entrepreneur in any Niche for Interview


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I would like to interview any entrepreneur in any niche that is willing to motivate and inspire people to get more out life and follow their dreams and share their tactics and experiences that got them to where they are today. I want to interview to be about 10-15 minutes long and will deliver the questions to you beforehand. I really think this will help us by partnering together and exposing our styles and strategies to our different user bases.
Please let me know if you are wanting to do so, I always learn things from interviewing others and love the positive vibes from interviews.

Working as a team we can achieve success here, I firmly believe that.


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Hey Jacob!

I've been an entrepreneur for several years and now I'm striving to build my new business as the Inventor Mentor. Since I've designed and built several hundred products over the years and sold them worldwide, I think it's only fitting that I help inventors transform into confident creators so they can change the world from their workbench.

My tagline is, "Anyone can be an inventor."

Would love to talk to you more about inspiring people.
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Hello Jacob,

I think interviews are a great way to meet fellow entrepreneurs and learn more about the content creators that make up the YouTube community. I'd be interested in speaking with you about how different viewpoints and strategies help shape us as a society and helps us learn.