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Have a few questions regarding tags, video titles, and how the search engines (both YouTube's and other external search engines) pull up results from YouTube's videos:

1) With tags, does the tag have to be an exact match to what they searched for to have the best results? If it doesn't have to be exact, would it make sense to have longer tags than to split things up. Like say for example if I put "ios app games" as a tag, would I also want to put say "ios games" as well, or would it be redundant?

2) If there is one or two spaces in a tag, does that impact the search results? For example, many of my titles and tags have a colon ":" in them. I know some people skip one space after a colon, some skip two. Will them skipping one or two spaces impact the search results? If so, should I put both as tags?

3) Should I have tons of tags relating to the subject of the post, or will search results tend to be pulled up from the title or description of the video as well? The title explains the source of the video (currently, video games), so the name of the title is always in the YouTube video title and/or description, depending on the video.

4) Is there a particularly big difference between key words explicitly placed in the "tags" section, and key words being placed in the title and description of the videos? If so, what difference is there?

I appreciate all the info you guys can give me. Just starting and I want to make sure I do all this right from the very start. :)
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1. Use exact search phrase people are searching for on youtube in your title, description, and tags
2. Use around long-tail 10 tags, and some short tags
3. Arrange tags, most relevant tags first
Example :
Title : how to add a thumbnail to a youtube video 2019
Description: In this video, you will see how to add a thumbnail to a youtube video 2019. To add a thumbnail to a youtube video 2019 first you have to.................
how to add a thumbnail to a youtube video 2019,
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4. Coln, dash, etc I think will not affect
5. try to search exact phrase people are searching for both on youtube and google, it will help to get views!