TubeBuddy Tips How to organize your keyword research results

Hey there buddies!

Here is a small tip about a way that I use to organize my keyword research results.
I have developed this technique as a way to decide which are the best keywords that will help me to rank my video higher in the search results.

You will need the following things:
  • Laptop
  • Notebook
  • Pen or Pencil
  • TubeBuddy extension
  • Focus and Attention
  • A cup of coffee and a glass of water
Turn on your laptop and head to YouTube, then open the Video Metadata Editor for the video that you would like to do research for by clicking on the TubeBuddy icon that can be found in the top left corner, after what you want to click on "My Videos" on the list of options that TubeBuddy provides us with and then click on the title of the video that you would like to rank higher.
Open up your Keyword Explorer Tool that can be found in the TubeBuddy Tag Tools menu right below your list of tags.

The next step is all about using your mind to find different variations of how would you say what the video is about in one sentence and hope that people are searching for it so you can use that sentence as your keyword, keyphrase, long-tailed keyword, tag or however you want to name it.

Here comes the interesting part

As you start checking the keyphrases that you come up with, TubeBuddy will provide you with enough information that will help you conclude if your key phrase is the right one that will take you to the top of the search results and checking keyphrase by keyphrase while remembering which one was having low competition and good search volume can be quite hard since you will have to check like a lot of phrases so what you want to do is take your notebook, place it next to your laptop, take your pen and then start taking the important information that you will need in order to choose the few unique keyphrases that will raise you up after you finish your research.

**IMPORTANT** This is the way that I use and since I am not an SEO expert I might be missing some cool features that might help me to rank even higher so if you think that there is an extra piece of information that can help you when making the final decision of which keywords are you going to choose then make sure to write down that information too.

Now this is the information that I take from TubeBuddy and also the way I organize them (I will share an image of my notebook below)
The keyword itself is what I write first in my notebook after what I write down the number of searches per month if TubeBuddy provides me with any, if not then I believe that it has like 0 searches per month.
After that goes the number of videos in Search Results followed by the Search Volume and Competition (I am still trying to figure out how can I benefit even more from the Optimization Strength tool but until then I am not taking any information from it).
Now written in one sentence this way of organizing may not seem to be organized at all but after you see the image of my notebook you will understand how easy is to keep your research results organized.
Before I share the image I have to mention that I also did an imaginary upgrade of the strength bar that TubeBuddy provides us with which I will also explain with an image right away.

If you don't understand my version of the strength bar then here is how to look at it. When you look at it visually it is easy to determine the position of the black pointer but when you want to write it in a notebook you will have to find a way to turn the visual image into written information so based on the positioning of the pointer I choose the value that the strength bar shows.

(I also pay no attention to the overall score since I have found jackpot keyphrases where TubeBuddy said that I have a solid chance of ranking top while failed to rank anywhere on phrases that TubeBuddy claimed to be an Excellent chance of ranking my video high into the Search Results)

Here is an image of my notebook and how all of this looks like organized

I only write down the ones that are having 4+ when it comes to competition and less than 50 million search results but since some videos have like a grade 5 when it comes to competition I cannot resist it and I also write it down as one of my potential keyphrases even if they have a billion search results.

Now since this is only about how to organize your search results I will tell you how I choose which key phrases I use but do not listen to me because my way may not be the right way of doing it because of how I understand this SEO thing and the lack of knowledge that I have when it comes to optimization.

I usually choose a tag that has like at least a hundred searches per month, not more than a million or two search results and low competition (the higher number the better *I prefer 5*) but I still have no idea how to use the Optimization Strength and I also don't really care about the search volume, I am comfortable with having a tag that has like a poor or fair search volume as long as it has at least 100 searches per month and ranks me at the top 100 and when I am done with choosing the tags that I like I also get to choose a few extra tags that I will include in my video because I have a lot of characters left to be used so why not to take advantage of it...

If you find any value in this way of doing organized research that can help you to enjoy your researching experience feel free to turn this into a youtube video, blog post or whatever else you want to since I am not doing any contents of this type... I just wrote this because I was awfully bored. Enjoy your day, Peace!