Need Advice Top result rankings vs. Searches per month

Hey there buddies, I have spent my last two days thinking about what would be the best thing to do in this situation but because of my lack of experience I am being unable to make a decision so hear me out and help me decide what would be the best way to do this.

I am doing keyword research for one of my videos and I have found a tag that ranks my video into the top 3 search results, which is quite amazing. However, that exact "key phrase" that I use have 0 searches per month making my rank totally unimportant as I understand it.
I have experienced the same thing with other tags (key phrases) that are ranking my video as No.1 but are most likely to never be searched.
As an example, I have featured a video on "How to escape the system after you finish high school" and having that key phrase written into the search bar ranks my video No.1 but what do I have to gain from it when no one will ever search for that exact phrase.

This is where I need your help.
Is it better to remove the tag "the secrets about marijuana exposed" even though it ranks me as No.2 and release some space for another tag that I will discover if I continue my keyword research or is it better to get enough with this tag and invest my time into searching for other keywords for some other video of mine. Is keeping this tag going to help me anyhow at all?
My exact question is, is being ranked high worthy enough if there are no searches per month at all?

Or I got this situation where I have to choose between "How to bring prosperity IN your life" and "How to bring prosperity INTO your life" since one of them is ranking me into the top 30 while the other one ranks me who knows where and the one that ranks me into the top 30 has 0 searches per month while the one that ranks me who knows where is having like 20 searches per month. Should I go with the top 30 and never get discovered? Should I take the 20 searches per month and never get discovered either? Should I use tags with 0 searches per month at all?

I tried to find an explanation of how these things work on youtube but I never found something that specific, so this is the only other option that came across my mind since this forum should have some experienced people understanding SEO better than me since I am still trying to figure out how all this works.

I hope that you will understand my situation and provide me with your best advice, thank you!


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One thing I learned from VidCon is from one of the heads of YouTube search. A video needs to not only be searchable, but also COMPELLING. That's SUPER Crucial. For the Marijuana one keep in mind that can get you demonetized with the new guidelines, and on the other one which would you be the most compelled to click? Sorry been away recovery from VidCon is almost done!