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Hello Everyone . My name is Soujanya.I live in Hyderabad India. I got to know about this channel through Google.

I basically love eating tasty food. I have the hobby of cooking different recipes since few years. So I had this thought of creating my channel where I can showcase my recipes to everyone allover.
My channel is mostly of all kinds of Indian Cuisine starting from starters,main courses, desserts,baking, traditional Indian snacks etc.
I love tube buddy mobile app. It is very useful to track my views real quick. I post mostly 3 videos a week and sometimes more.
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Hopefully I learn a lot from this form.


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Hello @Soujanya, welcome to the community. I'm always a fan of food channels and my wife loves Indian Cuisine. We used to work with a lady that was from India and she would share her food with my wife and she's loved it ever since. A very nice lady.

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Hello :) we seem to be getting more and more choosing channels joining these forums so you’ll be in great company!
India is currently booming in growth on YouTube so you’ll no doubt find much growth and I wish you all the best :) feel free to take a look around the forums and get to know the community more :)