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I started YouTube way back in 2016 and never stopped I liked posting LPs of Zelda games & finding Glitches in Zelda games but I realized that I needed to step up my game. . .so I learned adobe Animate CC and create Zelda animations I love creating these videos for people & wanna get better with my art but I really can't believe I'm at 500 subscribers doing what I do. I'm introvert as hell I like listening to music an playing games or working on animations I have a guilty with youtube animators



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500 is a lot of people. I'm an introvert as well; na, I'm darn near a hermit really. Don't like being around people really. That's fine some of us needs that time to create. People can get in the way of that process if you around them too much.

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I gotta say, I like the little story behind your journey to 500 because that’s really what youtube is all about, the journey, not just the destination. Is Adobe Animate kinda like old school flash? I used to make flash animations back in the day and kinda wanna try it out again because I’m also into art but wouldn’t know where to start now.very call little animation too :)

I can relate to being an introvert. Putting yourself out there with your art and animation. Is a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zones, and once you get used to it, you might find yourself experiencing even more cool things in life :D

keep pushing and here’s to another 500 and more!