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Your name/alias:
My YouTube channel "BamsPlanet"

Where are you from?:
Phoenix, AZ

How did you find TubeBuddy!?
I've heard about TubeBuddy threw so many YouTube channels.

What is your favorite TubeBuddy tool?:
The Tag Explorer.

What made you join our forums?:
I like to be involved in the positive community.

Why did you start YouTube?
To become noticed as a comedy gamer.

What kind of channel do you run?:
Gaming Channel

How frequently do you upload?:
3 videos a week of pretty much any game recommended or anything I feel like playing.

What are your hobbies?:
Striving to make YouTube videos to become noticed.

What is your biggest dream?
My biggest dream is to become someone in the YouTube community, everyone know.

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Beanie Draws

With your desires to become someone everyone knows, i’ll Assume you’re a very outgoing person. I will say thought, fame comes with a price and have you ever considered how popularity could effect your private life? That’s what I always think when people say they want to be famous because i’ve Heard lots of horror stories from famous youtubers that people don’t usually take into account, so while you’re growing, just be mindful of and prepare for any downsides that may come from fame as well so you’re prepared for the shock of fame :)

Welcome to the community :)