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Hello Friends my name is Nimesh and I'm from Sri Lanka. I found TubeBuddy while searching for YouTube tips. I'm new to YouTube also to TubeBuddy. I'm not a professional editor or a gamer. So there might be many mistakes in my channel. If you found a one, don't hesitate to tell me. I play games most of my leisure time. To be honest, I can't live stream or record game plays on my PC for now. So I'm sharing videos of other players. Usually I upload videos thrice a week. Because currently I'm working as an IT executive. Hope to upload videos daily in the future. My ultimate goal is happiness. I just wanna be happy, but I think it will make me more happier if I make someone else happy as me so I'm trying my best to do it. Hope you will enjoy my channel

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Thank you so much for your time!

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Hi there! Welcome to the community :) when you say you share other’s videos, do you mean by editing other people’s videos as compilations? If so, you may want to be careful with youtube’s Copyright systems, but if you’re simply sharing other people’s videos in playlists, that’s cool. What’s your favourite game to play?