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Satya Das

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When I stepped into the Internet Marketing Industry in 2009, I was having zero knowledge about it. But after going through a long training of 4 months I started my career accordingly. I came from a Computer background and was able to provide some services to the marketers and started earning money. I made myself to become a SEO Analyst and Digital Marketer. Time passed on and my career was interrupted for 2 years due to some health problem.

I returned back as a Youtuber and wanted to help the newbies to optimize their videos. When I found Tubebuddy, I was quite impressed because it makes easy most of the tasks. I published a video Importance Of Tubebuddy for youtube creators. But have some more ideas of promoting tubebuddy.


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Hello @Satya Das, welcome to the community. that's a pretty cool past you've had there. I'm sorry you had health issues that interrupted your career but I'm glad you seem to have gotten through it. Good to see more people trying to help Youtubers with their channels.

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Hi there :) sounds like you have quite the passion for seo which already puts you ahead of most when it comes to learning curves so it’ll be interesting to see your progress on your journey :)
I hope you’re health is going good. I’ve had quite a few health concerns in my family and it can be very draining, but it’s good to see you’re on the up and tackling a new world of video :D