TubeBuddy AdSense nudity and monetization?


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Hi, I make videos about indigenous peoples around the word and sometimes you see some nudity. Can I publish them on youtube and to get monetization? I would like to know if AdSense excludes them from monetization or not. My videos are about people living in the forest but women have exposed breast and I shot their daily life. I hope they are ok for the monetization.
I remember AdSense was severe still some time ago.
I'd like to create a "Playlis" and to get some money with them but I don't know if it's possible.
Thank you

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That’s an interesting question. I’m not sure of the technicalities, because historically it should be fine, but you never know with Adsense. I’d like to hear @Andrew input on this one because it’s an interesting question for sure.

I don’t see how doing it would harm your overall channel. If you have monetisation enabled, it’s not like you’d get a community guidelines strike (again, you never know though) id do a test and upload a video without publishing. YouTube can demonetised a video before if’s published So you can get a rough idea before publishing. Demonetisation it’self won’t harm the rest of your channel and if anything, it’s more likely to be age restricted than anything.

you can also try censoring the video with some blurring or pixelation or black bars.

the other thing to think about is release forms, seems it’s something I doubt the indigenous people have approved of, you might get in trouble for using someone else’s likeness in a video. And depending on how old the footage is, there’s the cultural ethics behind it as well to consider.

at face value though, I personally don’t see it as a problem, but it;s a very thought provoking topic to think about :)