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Hello, community.

I am Mark and relatively new at "actively" trying to promote my channel. I've been active for just over two months now. It's a never ending learning curve at times; however, there are days when I start to feel like an expert. TubeBuddy is a game changer for me for sure. I can't wait to learn all of the features available. I'll add that to my list of things to do! Ha.

Anyway, I'm a 9-5 guy and promote my channel on the side in the DC area. It would be awesome to actually meet a few locals at some point. I'll talk more about that in other forums though.

Anyways, glad to be part of the community.

Beanie Draws

You’re definitely still at the beginning stage of your channel so don’t get too concerned about the learning curve. It’s a journey, not a sprint so you’ve got time to work these things out.
Also what’s your niche? Sounds like you’re hungry for knowledge and that’s fantastic! Looking forward to seeing you around :)