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Hello everyone! Its Kronicle or KroniclePlayz here!
I'm from Ohio
I found Tubebuddy from Nick Nimmin, ps an awesome guy!
The tag feature is my favorite TubeBuddy feature!
I joined the community so I can grow with others and make some friends along the way!
I started YouTube to make let's plays on video games because I always loved video games since I was a little kid!
I run a Let's play gaming channel that does let's plays on game genres like action, adventure, shooter, rpgs, fps, horror and more whether it's old or new, popular or non-popular you'll find it on my channel!
I upload every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 4PM EST
Playing video games, working out and that's it :)
To have a loyal fanbase on my channel and have at least 100,000 subs