TubeBuddy Suggestion Replace a Video

Jeffrey Powers

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So I've been thinking about this - I've had a couple videos where I had a major screwup, or I've actually updated for the current time. I don't want to take down the original, so I end up setting to "Unlisted" so the viewers still can get to it.

Case in point: In 2014 I created "Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Comparison:". I updated it in 2018, and will probably do so again at the end of this year.

The text, keywords, monetization, and more hasn't changed.


How about an "Update a Video" button. It would do the following:
  1. Find the old video in question
  2. Ask you for the new video (to upload)
  3. Take the old Thumbnail, and edit to say "New Video Available"
  4. Copy the info from the old video to new
  5. Addendum the old video with "Updated Video here: Https://newlocation" in Title and description
  6. Possibly schedule a couple tweets notifying of the change.
  7. Other things you can think of to add
I would definitely use a feature like that to make the old video as a "funnel" to the new one.