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Channel ID Link: UCFP_z9W12Ex9lCw8Zqu04fA

My name/alias: Mike The Investor

Where am I from? Illinois

How did I find TubeBuddy? I’ve been using Tubebuddy as just a free source to help me with Keywords, title suggestions, etc.

What is my favorite TubeBuddy tool? Keyword Finder

What made me join our forums? I way to share experiences and meet a like-minded community. That wants some idea of the same success just maybe a different niche. I received a special lifetime offer that was too good to pass up so here I am.

Why did you start YouTube? I started on Youtube to record my progress. Also to create a brand/business. I know this won't happen overnight but I’ve embraced the journey. My goal is to be my own boss and Youtube will help me accomplish that in the future.

What kind of channel do you run? Stock investing, Motivation, Entertainment

How frequently do I upload? At least twice a week

What are my hobbies? Martial Arts, Stock Investing, Blogging

What is my biggest dream? To have Financial Freedom, To be my own boss, Have a foundation built for my kids to take over.