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Question e-book... free or charge?

Tito Tim

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I have a blog/forum and YouTube channel. I have always planned on keeping all my content free, but will gladly accept donations. Would an e-book be free?

I have decided to take some of my blog posts, edit (expand) them, and add new information to write an e-book on how to retire overseas. A lot of expat channels sell e-books (other genres have books as well). I will also embed some vids in the e-book, so it is kind of YT related, I guess.

So... I am trying to decide if I should give the book away on a free download, or charge a few bucks for it. I have heard people, usually salesmen, say that anything given for free is seen as worthless. There may some truth to that, but generally it seems to be an excuse to charge people (I have nothing against money ha ha). I only have the first couple chapters finished, but the outline makes it look like it will be bigger than I had intended. So far about 12 chapters, and each chapter is broken into sub-topics (could easily be 100 pages, probably more). It will be quite a bit of work to put this together, but it is my hobby, so no worries, and no deadlines.

My first thought was to give it away free, and ask for donations. That would fit the theme of my channel & blog. I have tried to keep my approach as a no BS way of helping people. Vids are free, there is no membership area on my blog - the chat forum is free, seems like the book should also be free. But... it will be a lot of work on my part... I am a bit conflicted...

What are your thoughts? Free/donations? Small fee?
Tito Tim

Tito Tim

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That could work. I have seen some sites that do samples, or a free chapter. My first thought was free, until I started outlining the book. I am up to 13 chapters. Chapters will vary but I did the intro chapters and already they are 6 & 8 pages each. Once I get to the in depth info it is going to get long. I like that I have been on a donation basis, but this is going to be a lot of work :)


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What a cool project! I also like the idea of a free chapter, then visitors can decide to purchase.


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Retirement has made me lazy. I only got 25 pages written yesterday, and my brain is melted ha ha... I think my eyes are going to bleed too...
If retirement is getting you to write 25 pages, maybe I should retire too because I seem to be unable to write one nowadays :joy:
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