YouTube Help I ACTUALLY learned something!


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I rarely do something like this. But I had a video pop up in my recommended feed and it interested me. I actually learned a few things to improve my audio quality. Any time I can learn something new it's a win, but if I can be entertained at the same time, it's a double win! Extremely well done and educational. (NO! He did not pay for this shameless plug.)


Now, on to the finer points of this video that I noticed and also learned while watching this. Andrew's video looks like he has several cameras used in this shoot. One on the two talking individuals together and two more on each of the two subjects. quote Nick Nimmin "That's a lie! That's a lie!" He actually used one camera and cleverly used zoom and crop editing techniques to get the close up shots of each individual. Well done and clever! No, I was not there when they shot this, just noticed a couple things about the background as I was watching.


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The number of videos I have watched from these 2 and other TB pros has taught me so much that I don't think I make videos these days the same way I did back in December 2018.