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Seeking Advice Confused on what route to make with my content

Joe Alarcon

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Hello all,

I am having trouble finding a proper niche for my channel. I currently do commentary videos as well as vlogs. I was planning on adding different series to my channels such as new music monday or something along those lines to keep people coming back. I am not sure which path to take, or if I should continue on the one that I have been going. Any advice is appreciated.

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Thank you!
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I would say live more life, see more places, and do more things. If you live live long enough you'll something unique to you that no one else in the world can provide.


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Hello @Joe Alarcon,

Have you checked the videos on your channels to see which videos tend to do the best? If so you should look into those videos and try doing more of those videos. More often then not people tend to watch a person's videos when the content is of a certain type but may not bother with videos that don't follow in that type. For example. I have a gaming channel where for the past 6 months I upload mostly PUBg content. But if I post something that is not PUBg related my videos don't get as much attention as the PUBg ones because these were the videos that brought most of my subs.

What you need to do is figure out what is your ideal audience. YouTube has millions of people looking for videos to watch. Your ideal audience within those millions is those who are looking for the content you want to upload. Figure out the content you want to create and then look for the audience that wants that content and build your video SEO around that. It's not easy to create a channel with different kinds of content because you will need to find an audience who's looking for that different kind of content otherwise you'll end up with a fragmented audience that will only look at the videos they are interested in and thus it will seem as if your views don't match your subs.

Figure out your ideal audience and you can build your niche around that.

Tito Tim

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It would kind of depend on what your commentary & vlog vids are about. You can branch out some, and stay within a niche.

You need to figure out your focus, and what fits within that. You never know what will catch on. My favorite Disney history channel used to be a gamer channel. He started doing visits to some Disney Minecraft servers, and discussing his love of Disney, while exploring the server. Now he is all Disney, no more gaming. He did not know it would happen, it just fit within the gaming genre... and grew from there. Now he is in a completely different niche and doing better than ever.

My channel is 'expat/travel/life overseas' - within that framework I have a lot of leeway. My travel/site vids do pretty well. My cooking vids do not (American recipes adjusted for local ingredients), but I love making them and will continue ha ha. My talking head vids bore me, but are my most popular new vids. So I mix it up, some travel, some cooking, some just talking. Nothing beats my 5 year old house building series - still my highest viewed every month. But all of those fit in my expat niche.
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Great points, @Tito Tim. I had much the same experience. My first channel was an organic gardening channel, then I started a new fishing channel to serve my customers by teaching them how to use the fishing float my dad had invented. Then I bought a Thai longtail outboard and started hot rodding and blowing up engine. Then I start learning about documentary film and started making my fishing adventures in to true docs. Still fishing, but it's more of an adventure fishing film channel.


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Very much agreed with @Tito Tim and @Damon. Obviously, the biggest example would be PewdiePie who has rebranded himself multiple times. It's like college lol. You go into for a certain major, and halfway through, you realize you want to change major.

I started off as an anime channel, but now I've gravitated towards a niche within the anime community instead of having anime as a broad term.
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