Service Looking for YouTube Certified Consultant to help with TubeBuddy Tag & Keyword Research


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Hi guys,

I'm a new member here. We have a channel in the language education space. My wife Emma is an English teacher.
We have grown to 2 million subscribers - when I say we - I mean really Emma - has done 90% of the hard work

I've joined her behind the scenes around 18months ago working on brand deals, sponsorships and trying to optimize our performance.
We're not newbies, but that's not to say we know everything - not by a long shot!

What we're seeking now, is for someone to help us avoid having to watch 18 hours of TubeBuddy tutorial videos
and instead take a tour inside our creator studio, talk about our current workflow that we follow and help us improve it using TubeBuddy tools.
We want someone who can set us on a good path from 2 million to 5 million subs, and keep the YouTube machine (and our audience) happy.

I would like input about:
- keyword research, tag research and selection
- the impact of translations on views and velocity
- researching other channels successful videos and knowing how to identify which tags and keywords they used that were successful and how to add them our videos
- anything else related to optimization workflow using Tubebuddy.

I have sent a message to that Derral guy, but I don't know if he's the right guy for us.
I am open to working with someone who knows their stuff and happy to consult us ideally someone YouTube certified and a total TubeBuddy geek.

Shah Turner
(from Fremantle, Western Australia)