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Hey everyone, my name is Nick Good, and I am a real estate broker in Dallas, Texas. I have been focusing on creating educational/information videos revolving around the home buying/home selling process. My goal with using TubeBuddy is to help focus on growing the views and the subscriber base, so that there will eventually be natural growth happening on it, and that I will have buyers & sellers all over the United States reach out to me for advice, and then I can introduce them to great real estate agents all over the US.

my channel is - please let me know your feedback and if you would like, subscribe, & Comment!

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Hey there! It seems like there's more and more realtors coming to the YouTube space :) taking subscribers and views out of the equation (they will come naturally) what ideas do you have to set yourself apart from other real estate brokers on the platform?


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Hello @nickgood and welcome to the forum!

What got you into real estate? Also, this reminds me of a podcast with this other realtor who also had a YT channel. Anyways, he was talking about how he had a video of this super nice house/apartment and he managed to sell it because a girl found his video and showed it to her mom (who was looking for a place at the time). She was against it at first, but after watching the video, she decided to contact him.

So I think the YT space is a great place to advertise real estate :)