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Ello! I am Pigeon Master a self-proclaimed nerd and computer geek. That loves video games, My channel is only a couple days old so i'm still really new to this. I also would like to incorperate reaction and educational videos as well.

Your name/alias: I am Leihm(pronounced liam)
Where are you from?: Idaho, USA
How did you find TubeBuddy!? from this video

What is your favorite TubeBuddy tool?: I haven't played with them yet
What made you join our forums?: Just wanted to interduce my self and be a part of a community
Why did you start YouTube? a couple days ago
What kind of channel do you run?: gaming, Educational, and just random stuff
How frequently do you upload?: like once or twice a day
What are your hobbies?: gaming, programming basiclly anything that includes a Computer
What is your biggest dream? being a big youtuber and getting a half way decent computer

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I really like your name and thread title :) I think you're going to really enjoy it here :) Looking forward to seeing how your channel devolves over time :) Feel free to take a look around :D