Gaming Channel Minecraft SMP Series w/ a bit of lore looking for people to join us


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Hey, so this isn't my own project but I have joined up with it, so I'm sharing the application video here... >.>;

We're purposefully seeking SMALLER YTers to come have some fun with us. Despite the 'lore' I don't think we're going to be sticking too rigidly to a story, it's just there as a backbone.
This is an application process too, just so you're aware.

Age: The other guys are students and one teen. I'm late 20s.
Channel main topic: Gaming
(Optional) What games/Which platform would you like to Collaborate: Minecraft PC, Java Edition
Amount of subscribers: We're all 100-200 and one under 100. We're purposefully seeking other small YTers.
Other ways to contact you: Please use the application form ( ).
About Your Channel: Well my own channel is multiple games, but I have a special place for Minecraft and came back to it after a few updates... which is how they found me. :p We each have our own channels and there is one specifically for this project which I'm going to link below.
Link to Channel:

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I'm slowly getting back into Minecraft and starting to edit some new minecraft videos too, but if you're looking for more community, you can check out "Sweeney Dunston" who does a lot of Minecraft videos, he's in many TubeBuddy stream chats including Nick Nimmin's and I've been playing on his multiplayer server latley which has been fun.
I'm not quite at the stage of collaborating yet, but building a community is definitely a way to get to know more creators. It seems the minecraft community is just as big as the YouTube creators community as well.

Not saying it as a recruitment pitch, but as a way to get to know more folks :) collabing is one thing, but community building is it's own beast which I think builds better results overall :)