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In Progress JukeDeck Music on Tubebuddy?


New Member
User name: bluedude
Title of thread: JukeDeck Music on Tubebuddy?
Request Type Browser Extension/TubeBuddy Website Tools
What browser are you on? Chrome
Studio Beta or Studio Classic? Studio Classic
What version of TubeBuddy? An old one
Is it related to a video? No
Explain your issue: So i remember back in 2017 there were a few songs you could download from tubebuddy. this was a co-opartion with jukedeck i think. So my question: How were these songs called?
Link your YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/BlueTheftLP


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If you downloaded them through the TB member perks page, the name files are the number and the genre of the song. So an example would be "52Cinematic." Nothing too flashy or special.

Although I don't fully know if that's what you're asking, so please elaborate if I'm incorrect.