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Completed Plugin Corrupting... but only when I've logged it into my Youtube channel.

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Bringing over the topic from here: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/20629/ to this forum because it seems more relevant for it and I accidentally took over someone else's topic anyway. >.<

The plugin has been playing up since somewhere between March 17th and April 8th. I took a small YT break between those dates and it was fine before then and was corrupted when I came back to uploading videos. I know it's corrupted because Chrome will disable it and it'll vanish from my toolbar, then Extension will tell me that it's corrupted and I have to hit Repair.

I'm on a Chromebook using Version 73.0.3683.88 (Official Build) (64-bit) of the Chrome OS. Studio Beta.

One thing I have noticed though is that since I last repaired the plugin, I've not logged into my YT account with TubeBuddy yet... and the plugin hasn't corrupted itself (i.e. it's still showing as fine on the Extensions tab and the icon is still visible in my upper toolbar). It usually goes within a day or two, but it's been fine since I reinstalled it midway through Saturday my own time (so since the 4th of May). This could still change but I thought it worth mentioning.

I'm aware that a patch was installed to stop the corrupting recently, but it does seem like my plugin has been playing up even after this time.
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