Need Advice I don't show for tag's..

Trucker Steve

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So i have uploaded footage from the Truck Fest I went too yesterday. 2 videos so far. I don't show on any of the tag's i have used, especially "Truck Fest 2019" can anyone tell me what i've done wrong?

Title: Truck Fest Peterborough 2019
Descrip: A special episode of Truck Fest 2019 at Peterborough Showground, UK. You will see some amazing Scania's, DAF's, Volvo's, Mercedes and Renaults, also seen in this episode is Stavros969 the popular truck reviewer. This is part one of the truck fest footage, I have also taken 426 truck photos.

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Second Video

Title: Peterborough Truckfest 2019
Descrip: Part 2 at Peterborough truck fest 2019, some more great looking trucks. This is unedited footage.

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Stanley Orchard

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And a link to the video... I've never had my suspicion confirmed/denied but i believe that you should say pertinent tags in the video (and that they need to be pronounced correctly).