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Hello there! So I'm Scott, I'm 17 years old and I've only recently been searching for a collab since I've become interested in quite a few things. I do gaming, but also have another theme in mind.

Firstly, gaming. I have both a computer (well a laptop) and a PS4, though I mostly play on the PS4 (Rocket League, COD MW Remastered, Black Ops 4 and the Division 1). Though I do have some other games like Rainbow Six Siege. If you want to know more like what I play on my computer, hmu. I'm also like always on discord (Kyurae#0004).

Secondly, the other theme I'm aiming to go for, which I'm most definitely looking for collab(s)/co-hosts for is that I want to start doing podcasts, the themes of the podcasts are to be determined for those who are interested. More than likely to be on gaming, movies and just ordinary topics.

If I seem vague and you want to ask questions, or get to know me, just contact me through DM, <3 But ye, lemme know if you're down for a collab in either/both themes. In the end, I'm all about entertaining, having fun, and messing about.
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