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Tito Tim

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I commented a while back that my viewers age has changed dramatically over the last 18 months (since I started using TB). As a retired American living in Asia my vids were always kind of intended for guys my age or even older (yes, there are people still alive, older than I am, don't be rude ha ha). The most common age was 45-64, recently it switched to 25-44. I am ok with this, I just don't really understand why it happened.

Using the YT Beta analytics I noticed something odd about it, the other day. Age 25-44 does give me more view numbers, and more watch time. But age 45-65 gives me better view duration and percentage viewed. I am getting view minutes, and duration, but not from the same people. It looks like my thumbnail/title/ gets more younger viewers to click, but my content keeps the older viewers. I am averaging about 700 views per vid, which seems to be ok for only having 2,500 subs (still a very small channel, but growing steadily).

My question is which is more important to YT? I think for my channel's long term health the longer view duration would be better. You want an active community that actually watches - but for YT promoting the vid - I am not sure. I know it is good getting people to click on the vids, but having them stay is also good... it just seems to be very different groups doing it. Will these numbers just work well together to get more promotion?

I am not really aiming at one age group or another, this is just what I have noticed from the analytics.


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Hey Tim,
Watch time is the most important for YT.
Basically, if you open your YT Analytics, and before you drill down, it's always the first listed. (This is accrued) - IE: 4,000 hours to become monetised.
The next metric is Duration.
And so on
For your actual channel to grow it is percentage viewed. If people stick around, you'll have a higher % and more content suggested and grow as a result.
The trick is to suggest going to another video before they bail, or boost the entertainment level to hopefully keep them around.
If you can't keep them on your own channel push them to another channel to keep them on YT (Good Karma and more $ for YT)
I haven't tracked my vids closely enough to see when people bail. I suppose I should and insert a card or play list before the bail point to keep them around.
Hope this makes some sense.
Tito Tim

Tito Tim

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I have not really tracked where they bail, but 25% quit in like the first 30 seconds, and 25% make it to the end. The 50%... varies. The ones that bail immediately - not sure what to for them. To bail that quick means I just am not what they are looking for.