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So I'm editing a video and I get a whole new idea for a somewhat unrelated video, but it's a great video idea... so I drop what I'm doing and I start writing down the idea for the script for THAT video, which also means I'm another few hours or days behind on editing this other video. Do you get moments like that?

Have you found yourself postponing or abandoning an idea, because you got a new, even better idea? Are you okay with changing your scheduled and content strategy to allow for new ideas that might push current ideas back a bit?

What's your approach to sparks of unexpected ideas? :)

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Oh yes, all the time. I have a folder of 'vids in progress'. Some of the partially completed videos languish there for a long time. Or get demoted to b-roll. Part of it is because I tend to film a lot, not knowing where/when/how the footage will be used. Sometimes I have an idea, but when I go to edit it... it just is not working out like I thought.

Recently I was doing a travel vid, and was making what I thought was some b-roll or stock travel shots and an idea sparked. When I got home I took 3 old (kind of dead) vid ideas, and some of my stock footage and made an entirely new project. It turned out to be a really fun video to make - and was well received.

I roll with the punches. Some the unexpected ideas turn out to be really good, or at least they help me stay interested.


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I think it's most important to feed your passion. When you find something that "lights your fire", that will come through in your tone and energy. Your viewers will pick up on that.