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I used GIMP for a while before finally moving on to Photoshop :)

I'd recommend GIMP for anybody who can't afford a pic editing software. It's essentially the poor-man's PS. You'd just need to take extra steps to do something that PS can do in one or two steps.

Beanie Draws

I use Photoshop because I require more precise control over my gradient layers and colour sprays. Plus you get more refined text effects which you can't seem to get on any other editor.

Snapseed is great in a pinch for mobile. Embarrassingly I've never tried TubeBuddy's thumbnail generator, but I use Photoshop because I need dem layers :p

Oh and I hear a "full featured" photoshop is coming to mobile this year. They announced it last year i think at the same time that they announced the newest iPad Pros. I haven't seen it released yet, but I'm hoping it's ACTUALLY as "full featured" as desktop photoshop. If it is, it will completely destroy snapseed. Currently the photoshop apps out there are nothing more than photo filter apps, I mean, that's probably good for people with less experience than me :p but I'm a design app snob lol


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I use photoshop. I created a template for my thumbnails. I need only add the game image I want, edit the text for the thumbnail and its done. I can even create multiple thumbnails by simply changing the game image and test out the A/B test feature on tubebuddy.

BTW @Beanie Draws do you use those drawing tablets besides the manual drawing? If so have you tried that new one from Microsoft? Just curious.


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Currently I am using PicsArt .
I think this is the best .after they I edit thumbnails using snapseed
Besides TubeBuddy's thumbnail generator and the video editing assets along with the pro license, i think that GIMP is a great thumbnail editor or generator. It almost has the same capacity’s of photoshop and has the tools for thumbnail design, and doodling.
Problem is i'm not an artist though and the learning curve is quite steep.