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Suggested Add Chinese language

Beanie Draws

For those who can't use Google Translate, the original post says this "I don't understand the English interface. Google Translate is not allowed. I hope I can join Chinese. Thank you. "

I think incorporating a translation function (in the forums anyway) might be a challenge, but that's definitely something I'd like to see more everywhere, and I wasn't aware China isn't allowed to use Google Translate. I know Twitter and Instagram incorporate some auto translation tools for text and I agree that would be great to have around here and on YouTube in general. I guess incorporating other languages into the forums would allow you to use the forums better, but that wouldn't help in you being able to type in English and we'd have to try and translate that ourselves, which isn't hard for us really seems we have access to Google Translate.
This is a good eye opening suggestion to help us be more inclusive for people who might have access to some features blocked thanks to higher controlling powers.

I'll tag @Andrew and @Phil so they're more likely to see this :)

我要翻译我说的内容,因为否则你将无法访问谷歌翻译(除非你有另一种形式的翻译,可以帮助你使用一些网站?) 对于那些不能使用谷歌翻译的人,原帖说“我不懂英语界面。不允许谷歌翻译。我希望我能加入中文。谢谢。” 我认为合并翻译功能(无论如何在论坛中)可能是一个挑战,但这绝对是我希望在任何地方看到的东西,我不知道中国不允许使用谷歌翻译。我知道Twitter和Instagram包含了一些用于文本的自动翻译工具,我同意在这里和YouTube上一般都很棒。我想在论坛中加入其他语言可以让你更好地使用论坛,但这对你能用英语输入没有帮助,我们必须自己尝试翻译,这对我们来说并不难我们似乎可以访问谷歌翻译。 这是一个很好的开眼建议,可以帮助我们更好地包容那些可能因为更高的控制权而可以访问某些功能的人。 我会标记@Andrew和@Phil所以他们更有可能看到这个:)
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