Need Advice Making Reaction Videos - What Are YOUR Strategies?


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I'm looking to do a number of reaction video series and I've really kicked around a lot of ways to go about them. I know a lot of folks use a webcam for themselves and OBS or something similar to record it, but I'd like to not go that specific route, chiefly because I love shooting all of my shows with my 4K camera and I won't be live streaming it. Where I'd like to begin is to shoot myself watching the video (let's call it "Video X") either on my Apple TV or a laptop, then insert Video X into a corner of the picture with FCP. Here's the current plan...

Camera on me with laptop out of shot but visible. Laptop playing video but I'm wearing either an ear bud or bluetooth equivalent so I can hear Video X's audio but not have it come over my boom mic. (I'd like to have control over the levels of both audios.) Then in FCP, take the ripped Video X, bring it in, and line it up with the video of me reacting.

Lining it up might be a bit of a pain, particularly if and when I pause or chop out moments of silence in the reaction commentary. Then again, I'm not sure if I'll really need to painstakingly sync what I say to precise moments in Video X, so there's that.

I'm sure I'm leaving something out so feel free to ask questions and I'll specify where needed.

Also tell me how YOU do reaction videos. Maybe there's a component of your methodology that will help me out. Thanks in advance.


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I'd use an elgato camlink 4K OBS and that way your camera if supported can become your webcam and it would be possible that way!


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Best recommendation I can give to try to solve the "pausing the video on the recording/matching the downloaded version to the pause" issue without using the OBS way (which honestly is the easier way but it's your video) is to write down the time where you pause, that way you can search for the time frame on the downloaded video and recreate the pause. You can also do some kind of screenshot that can help match the time you wrote down.

I've never done a react video before. I would probably be really good at it since I tend to get excited easily about things I like. I would have to experiment with both the recording everything at once with OBS and recording only my reaction to the video and then embedding the video afterward to see which one I like more.


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I have done a lot of reaction videos and I used to do all of them on OBS, but I've moved on to my external cam instead of just my webcam.

What I do is record audio on both my camera and OBS. On OBS, I'll have the video full screen because I'm going to be using that footage for the "corner of the picture." Since the application can split audio, I split the audio for my mic and the video I'm watching. Once I'm done and I get into my editing, I sync up my own voice and that's it :)

And honestly, if you don't want to use the OBS footage, you can always use it to sync it up with the original source (for better quality).