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Community What are your favorite games that have not been received well by critics?


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What are your favorite games on both console and pc that haven't been rated the best, but you still enjoy them?
For me, it was Super Paper Mario. I actually liked playing without the attack part, and it wasn't like your ordinary super paper mario game.
I still remember i am stuck on world 8-3, with just Tippi and Thoreau and a couple of others.
I was almost there. I got prepared with tens of Supreme Deluxes and stocked up everything that i could.
Sad thing is i couldn't use a reverse pipe, and i didn't have access to the internet so i'm stuck there..


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Super Paper Mario had good reviews though. :thinking: The worst rating it had was probably a 7/10.
Unless we're talking perfect reviews across the board xD

I don't follow critics as much as I do regular gamers, so I tend to listen for ratings and/or gameplays before I buy something. So I don't really have any favorite games that have bad ratings from critics. I did enjoy Mass Effect: Andromeda, despite its shortcomings (and also the fact that the plot is just the Mass Effect trilogy smushed into one).