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Entertainment Channel Way of the tao - through divination, astrology and esoteric knowledge.


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Im new to youtube and TubeBuddy.. I'm excited to use this! Great to see all the analytics and it can save me time! I'm in :)
I'm Alexandra and my channel is about esoteric knowledge mostly the I Ching. The I Ching is one of the oldest books, it is of divination but mostly how to live a prosperous and happy life, (Confucius, Carl Jung and Hermann Hesse studied it. As well as Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz who created modern day binary code).
I use astrology as well as the I Ching (and sometimes tarot) to give a energy report and a way to strengthen and keep us grounded during the time.
Long term Im also doing readings and have a childrens book and poetry book I'm writing, also am devising a teaching tool/program.
I'm thinking to also do meditation/chi gong videos as well to create more traffic to my channel and also help people lead happy healthy lives..
I'm also working on getting my patreon ready and that is a whole other thing!!
I am a creator, autodidact, philosopher, martial artist, musician and just want to live my life and do what I love to make an income.
I believe I have the drive and the skills to achieve this. And hope to bring the I Ching and ancient wisdom to more people to help us all live abundantly.
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Sounds like you definitely have a lot of great interesting topics to cover with your channel :) sounds very interesting, I've been slowly exploring some of those areas as well.
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