YouTube News Changing Your Channel Name?


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Hi All,
I was wondering when and if it would be beneficial to change the name of your channel. What would happen to your videos in terms of views, rankings, etc.
If people know you for one thing and you change it, it will effect the views, rankings, etc. for that name, but it's what people know YOU personally for.

Tito Tim

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I changed my channel name when I monetized. I had a YT account since 2006 but never posted until I moved to Asia, in 2013. When YT invited me to monetize I decided to name my channel. I would not want to change it again as I might confuse the subscribers.

Beanie Draws

Change your channel name while it’s still young and early because supposedly changing channel names removes all comments, and if you’ve got a more established channel, that could throw a spanner in the works,

Zuhri Sani Fahmi

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I was changed my channel name, and it's effected when i open my channel on others device. The name of channel is different on others device.
But, the problem finished after i contact YouTube via email. Just for share my experience. :D

Jimmi Ellis

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Not a name change but I thought I'd ask here because this is a related question.

We have 2 channels that are under same brand account. We're considering migrating the smaller channel approx 1,500 subs with a few dozen, mostly older videos, onto our bigger more active channel that has over 25,000 subs.

What consideration, if any, should we make regarding unlisting poor performing videos, etc before we move to the bigger channel?

How does moving a channel possibly adversely affect the channel we're considering moving to or am I over thinking the process?

Very much appreciate your suggestions and feedback.

Shelena Shares

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My channel is small as in 40 members. I changed it from ShelenahShares to Shelena Shares as people were saying they couldn't located me.

Beanie Draws

That is not true, where did you get that information from?
I'm pretty sure that was google it'self because it was something I was looking into a while back. There was a warning that changing your channel name (not the channel url) would mess up the comments because it was all tied in with google plus which is now being decommissioned, so it might not be the case anymore. That's just something I read in several instances which made me concerned about wanting to change late game. I've got a LOT of comments that I don't want to lose because of a channel name change and I heard (about a year ago) from several people that would eliminate those comments.

Happy to see what the facts are now. @Andrew might be able to elaborate further to confirm or deny those reports.