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Movies What's your favorite color/favorite kind of Lightsaber?


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I don't own one personally, but my favorite personally would be the Dark Saber. It is gray and has the option to be dual too. There is also white.
What's your favorite color of lightsaber? Do you like it dual? Double edged? Let me know in the comments below.


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If i were to have one, gotta be the dark saber or a blue dark saber. Only one Dark saber exists, so it would be hard for me to get my hands on it :confused:. However, blue is more reachable. Generally, that's why my channel theme is dark blue. I find dark blue a chill, more laid back colour.
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I actually do have a saber collection... Slowly growing but I love Star Wars ;). Currently my collection consists of my Red Darth Maul Replica, My Green Saberforge Phoenix and my Green Saberforge Katano. If I had to pick a favorite blade color it would be Green but I'm also quite a fan of Red ;)