YouTube News Who is your favorite YouTubers and what type of content do you come up with?


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Is it weird that I find knowledge and education entertaining? So while they produce information I'm fairly well aware of now, I still like watching them (and you) as a form of entertainment as well. Or at the very least for the community factor :)
Fair, but I find the entertaining part supporting my friend haha!


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Am I noticing that nobody watches
Derral Eaves ?
Nick Nimmin ?
Brian G Johnson ?
These are my "Go To" guys to get info and come before any social or me-time.
I watch everything they put out.
Anyone else thinking this way?
I do occasionally watch people like Nick's brother Dee however most of my time on YouTube is spent consuming entertaining content and not educational content. When I do watch educational content I usually keep it inside the media/tech realm of things.

I don't like using my spare time to deep dive the YouTube knowledge space. If I need to know something new or changed about the platform I generally turn to the YouTube Creator Blog or TubeBuddy's channel. Andrew's twitter is also usually a fantastic source of information because that dude finds and retweets YouTube news like a shark ;).

Generally I find myself watching channels like: Streetspeed717, Vehicle Virgins, Daily Driven Exotics (I've been rethinking this one a bit as some of their content has been lightly disrespectful as of late), Royality Exotics, TJ Hunt, Tavarish, VinWiki and Jordan Maron for my "automotive fix" and channels like FightinCowboy, JayzTwoCents, Doctor Mike, Bitwit, Violin MD and Paul's Hardware for my education/entertainment mix of things.


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Man, my list of Youtubers is long. I go through my subscription list to find the videos I am most interested in watching daily, save them to the watch later playlist and then bing on them like Netflix. Then I go to my watchlist, delete whatever I have seen and add more. This is my daily routine. I watch the following channels to name a few:

These are just a handful of the over 200 channels I subscribe to that grows weekly. I had more but I've had to clean up my list as many channels stopped uploading or were deleted or something. I linked every channel in case anyone was interested in checking them out. YT has basically replaced local/cable TV for me. I watch tv shows on YT too like @Tito Tim. YT is basically what I love about Netflix and Hulu, TV on my terms anywhere I go.


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I’ve had my channel for such a long time, but the person who made me start uploading videos and made me really start getting into vlogging is AshleySmithTV and FlyWithStella. They’re pretty much in the same niche as me and who I look up to when it comes to YouTube. I try to learn different things from them.