Comedy Channel My apologizes introduce my self in the wrong way.

Janiel's MOM show

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Yesterday I saw NicK Nimmin introducing him self and he did it so cool I imitated his introduction cause a told it was the right way to do it my bad I'm sorry .

So here's my introduction.

My name is Janiel I'm from Massachusetts and my mother found Tubebuddy in YouTube.

My favorite tool is the promo area cause I can get people to see my videos I start my channel in 2018 and wanted to become a youtuber since a was 4 years old and my mother motivate me to start the channel .

My channel is base on comedy wanted to be a gamer put I'm not so good on it so I decided for comedy and entertainment and a little of vlogs I like to make people laugh.

Do not have a dream yet still in school so it will come soon for now want to get to be a recognized youtuber .

My channel name use to be Janiels mom show my mother use to be in it as a puppet but I was bully for it so she decided not to come out in the channel no more and we change the name as Janiels MP (Janiels Mom production) cause she help me in every thing.

hobbies gaming/ wrestling