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Hello, I am looking to work with an animator on a new video idea.
Would also need a couple of voice actors if anyone is interested then please let me know?

The Video:

It s about being bullied and judged for making youtube videos. I have a thread on here where people have shared their stories about these issues and I want to motivate and inspire people to not let bullies get them down and that if they are doing what they love nothing should stop them.


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I'd be willing to try voice acting. It would definitely be easier than putting my face on the video. LOL.

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What kind of voice acting are you looking for? That sounds kinda fun :) I'm not experienced enough yet at animation to offer that side of things, but I kinda think my style would be a little too over the top for most animation styles anyway, but I do like randomly talking to myself and other people in various voices just for the fun of it. Kinda like how JackSepticEye kinda gives characters in games unique voices when he's acting them out and reading the narration :)
Hi iv done many voice acting before yes XD even for my age iv done some in 4 games and i can do alot of different voices so i'd love to voice act for u and heck i could stay anonymous is u want!