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When it comes to my channel I tried to take into account how I watched YT and then tried to use that to find ways to attract attention to my videos. But I never wondered how other Youtubers consume YT and whether they use that to get more views. There have been a lot of issues with YT lately where videos don't show up on people's feeds. they don't get notifications of uploads or they didn't show up on the Youtuber's own channel. I saw many channels let viewers know of these issues and that they were expecting YT to fix it. I didn't really get affected by these issues because of how I consume YT.

So here I am asking how everyone here consumes YT. I have a particular way of consuming YT. I use the subscription feed to find what I wanna watch. On average I watch about 25% of the videos on my subscription feed on a daily basis. Though I have a lot of channels I subscribe to I don't watch every video uploaded by every channel. Once I find what I want to watch I add it to the Watch Later playlist. On PC is a simply click of an icon on each video and it automatically gets added to the Watch Later list. On the phone it's a bit more tedious so I tend to use my PC for that purpose more. Sometimes I go to the Watch later playlist and organize it to watch the videos I am more interested in watching first. Once I'm ready I watch them on my big screen TV through my nVidia Shield TV box, it's just a better experience to watch Yt videos on a big screen, especially with all the pixels we can get these days from YT. The YT app on Android TV doesn't allow saving videos to playlists or even editing playlists in any way and that's super annoying but that's unavoidable. Once I consume the videos on the Watch Later list I start clearing them out on the PC while adding new ones. Sometimes I go straight to the subscription list when I don't have time to get to the PC but I mostly consume videos from my Watch Later playlist.

So how do you consume YT?

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I watch on my PC with a 27 inch monitor. I hear that phones are popular for viewing but for the life of me cannot understand why. I can watch YT on my TV (Roku or Chromecast) but rarely bother. The 27 inch monitor is good enough.

I use the browser add-on Iridium to control the YT layout. It opens to my Home screen, with the left column open. The only thing displayed on my home screen is vids from my subscriptions. Rarely there are 'suggestions' but I am very proactive in marking 'not interested' and giving reasons - YT has all but given up on suggesting to me. Iridium also disables autoplay, a very important feature. When I click on someone else's channel, Iridium opens it to their 'video' tab, because I told it to.

I make sure and watch most of my Ellen vids (I don't watch her pranks/scares because I do not support bullies). Stephen Colbert, Daily Show, James Cordon, and Kimmel. Mostly just the interviews, but not the monologues anymore (too much trump crap).

After I am caught up on my American shows I look over my subscriptions to see what is new. I watch a few if they look interesting. Most of the channels I sub to are not very active anymore. I am probably on YT videos a couple hours a day. Then I take care of comments on my channel as needed (10 minutes to an hour, depending). Then time for Netflix or iFlix for my TV shows (iFlix is a Malaysian version of Netflix).


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I watch on my cellphone most of the time - I even got that overpriced YouTube premium so I can use it to listen to videos which I often really enjoy.

If I get to a device with a bigger screen I usually go for more "serious" media like Netflix.

I never watch the trending section because for my country (Germany) it's really atrocious most videos I watch from the home page / recommendations. I have very few youtubers where I watch every video I even tend to not subscribe to bigger channels for long times - I only "bell" the smaller channels or very infrequent uploading ones.

(my wife literally does whatever her favorite youtubers tell her to do so she gets like 300 youtube notifications a day and ignores them all...)