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Vlog Channel Any Golf Vloggers???

Im Ben aka the Weekend Hack. Run a channel with over 300 subscribers, 36k views. Also I am part of a group called the Hack Pack, which is similar golf vloggers located in the United States and United Kingdom, 5 total channels, 2600 total subscribers, and approaching a million total views as a group.

I am mid thirties, looking for other vloggers for collaborations. I'm in the midwest (Ohio). If you're interested, check out my channel www.youtube.com/theweekendhack , send me a message via my email theweekendhack@gmail.com . I do golf vlogs, as well as daily vlogs.
The Weekend Hack
I don't golf, but you reminded me of a certain golf youtuber who was on this forum some times ago. I seem to be unable to find him, but there is @uptoscratchgolf who does golf vlogs xD
i know up to scratch golf. I hooked them up with another golf vlogging team near them.
The golf community on youtube is a rather small niche.

Why I'm trying to break out of golf vlogging and into daily vlogging. Easier said than done!!!

Thanks for the info tho. Really appreciate it!