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Technology Channel It's just the Beginning and I'm serious!

Hello friends, thought to introduce myself :) , as the forum rules say. I'm Dinesh and from India, I can speak my mother tongue Hindi and English. Started my videos in Hindi first to cater to Hindi audience but if I get requests for English in the majority I can do that too to cater my English Audience. I've been under top 50 reviewers on Amazon India and many brands asked me to do YouTube as I'm already on the Amazon's reviews platform so thought to started my Youtube as well and started using Tubebuddy for getting deep information.

Here's my Channel link

Thank you for taking your time reading my introduction! :heart:

Success to everyone here!! :party:

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Hi, Dinesh! Welcome to the forum :]

A top 50 reviewer on Amazon? :eek: woah. I'm glad that you decided to go onto Youtube and expand your reach there as well!
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