YouTube News How to submit a mail to youtube to remonetize my channel

Rohit Gaikwad

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Youtube removed my monetization due to reused content but i know all Gaming compilations are in fair use but i want to tell them that yt did a mistake using bots to demonetize can anyone help me writing a letter to yt to remonetize my channel?


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Do you have a screenshot by any chance of Youtube saying the reason?

Is the whole channel demonetized? What about the music?

Craig Payne

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i know all Gaming compilations are in fair use
Looks like they made the right decision. If you are doing compilations, then the content is not yours and is reused. It does not matter if its fair use or not, the content is not yours.

It was not done by bots, it was done by a manual review.
There is no email/letter contact for this.

Craig Payne

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bro i edit those videos man :sob:.
But you are still using other peoples content = reused
even this dude got demonetized by doing compilations but he got monetized again
I am not the one you need to argue with or convince. What other channels do or do not do has no bearing in your channel. That is not how YouTube works. Pointing out channels that are monetized is not going to get you monetized.
You have YouTube's decision. Based on what you said above, it looks to me like they made the right decision based on what the guidelines say and what they have been approving/disapproving lately.
If you think they made a mistake, then you do have the option of applying again in 30 days and someone else will have a look. Based on what you said above, I would not be hopeful.


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As far as I read it you should be able to re-apply for the partner program after 30 days (if you still got the subs and watchtime)