YouTube News Should I stick to ONE topic or try MULTIPLE topics to start growing my channel?

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I want to make comedic videos about stuff I like. My first (and only video so far) is about recapping MCU and DCEU movies with jokes in them, because I like talking about it. But I am planning on doing a comedic video about Eminem (and maybe hip hop generally), while just making jokes. Should I continue to do Marvel related videos and grow my audience that way, or should I try multiple different topics that aren't necessarily related (only that I like them) and see which one hits? I am currently at 2 subscribers in case that's of any relevance.


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It depends some on your personality. If you're ADHD and can't stand doing the same thing all the time, then for the sake of your own mental health go with multiple topics.

Every channel has multiple audiences even with a single topic, so I would encourage you to have multiple topics just to see which one you like best and to see what attracts the greatest number of subscribers.

As always make sure you're doing proper SEO to find searchable topics that people want to watch.
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One the one hand it's easier to focus on one specific thing but also starting out is the best time to experiment and try out a bit.

You often see guys which are literally riding dead horses - very focused on their self set niché without any success, audience or ability to look left and right.


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I agree with Tim, it seems that you already have one topic, comedy. If comedy is your thing and you can make that your thing then it doesn't really matter what you talk about in your videos. I'm not much of an Eminem fan but if the video is funny and is from a Creator that already had me watching other videos about other topics with the same comedy, then I would likely watch it. So long as the topic is something known.