Question Best Strategy For Keyword Explorer Sorting & Changing?


Sorting/Changing/Keyword Explorer:

Is sorting once sufficient during the immediate period time right after the video is uploaded?

If the performance of the video is strong, although, has keywords that would be repositioned due to their green tag value is lower in the stack and not in the first position something that is encouraged?

Could the sorting of keywords repositioning green tag values into the first slot cause negative effects?

If videos are performing and 20% of the keywords have geen tag values, would researching and refreshing to new high-performing keywords suggested?

What about other metadata such as Title, Description? Should that be changed to match the word narrative of the keywords?

How does YouTuber interpret this adjustment?

Which value identifies a stronger performing keyword; Green Tag Value or Total # Search Results

For instance:

1 Image 992, Total # Search Results is 148k with a green tag value of 2
2 Image 050, Total # Search Results is 184k with a green tag value of 3

Which would contribute to better performance in the first position of the keyword stack? 1 or 2

Also, in the order of importance how should I review Keyword Explorer?

Total # Search Results
Views (Avg)

Or is that a poor strategy and you can suggest a more effective one?

Last one, View Topic Planner/+ Add New Topic/Trending For Topic/Search, when I enter a keyword this is returned:

Not enough search volume to show results.
Try exploring a more broad topic.

I find this to be an error due to the keyword topic I am searching under were taken from the standard Trending video list , the top 3, the entire title and the same results, suggestions?

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@Andrew Can you help me out with the above Buddy? I know it is a bunch of questions, although, just been racking my brain on them...looking for your expert help as it is priceless.

Thanks Man...