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Suggested Shouldn't my subscription cover my multiple channels?


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My main channel has a tubebuddy subscription, however I have multiple channels featuring the content in different languages. It seems kind of odd that I would need to have a new tubebuddy subscription for each of these channels, when they're all tied to the same email. It just makes it kind of frustrating when I'm trying to manage my channels and I'm switching back and forth between them. I suggest making the subscription cover the channels for a single email.


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I can see why it only applies to one channel. From your perspective you see yourself having multiple channels and thus believe you should be able to use one Tubebuddy account to manage them all. But if you are also a manager of another YT account, not yours, wouldn't you then be able to use Tubebuddy on that account as well since you have access to it too? Just as my browser sees my 2 channel as separate channels as does my account (I have 2 separate Google Photos accounts for my channels even though they are under the same email), Tubebuddy also sees them as separate accounts. But if it saw them as from the same person, it may see accounts you manage that are not yours as an account under the same email. And that would not be fair to them to allow multiple channels from different people to use the same Tubebuddy account.
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I can see that they don't want a management company to just use one account for all clients... maybe a multi-account plan? Pricing plans for 1, 2, or more accounts. I have used a lot of software that had multi-user account fees. (Not sure how complicated it would be for the programmers)


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Actually if you pay for a subscription you can use the tubebuddy app for free which covers all your channels (of course that has some limitations).

If your channels are all rather small you can use all the perks for getting a cheaper license and if they aren't you still can get a discount - I only bought a license for my secondary channel recently in the sale (cyber monday I think) before that I wasn't willing to pay for it either.