Suggested Clarify position of result in Keyword Explorer.


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Just a suggestion but I think moving the wording of the results would make more sense and be easier to interpret. In the search below you can see what I mean regarding the position.

It would clarify the meaning of the results somewhat as well.

Take the middle result for competition. Low is by the red which makes it suggest that the result is bad, when in fact it is good. The other two results are both moderate even though they are quite far apart on the scale.

The other option would be to have the results as a percentage or numerical result which would assist those non English First Language (and dense people like myself) to easily interpret the result. Instead of saying moderate for search volume, say something like 40% or give it a numerical score of 40 as an arbitrary figure similar to the total result at the top. That way you can define search and optimisation as higher = better and competition as lower = better. If you need to keep the graphs the same way round, just reverse the colour scale on competition so that the red is at the other end making the higher the percentage or numerical value red or bad.

PS... sorry for using @Andrew as a search example but it seemed like a good idea. Oh, I don't think he is really an alien or that he is green. Maybe would be fun to clickbait him though!



Using @Ceorge_Christofi screenshot, I don't have any clue what the 3 bars down your fantastic draw means: "me Vs. top ranked videos" can this help me?

You vs the top ranking video shows your average viewership meaning, that if you get higher average viewership to videos with that term, you have a higher chance to rank/ stand out.


Alright so to follow up here, we're not planning on making any big changes in the near future. Not that moving words is a big change but we have to consider what people are used it and expecting. Throughout the year, we take a feature and do a "deep dive" on it to improve it and we did that with Keyword Explorer in late 2018 but next time we do it on Keyword Explorer, we'll consider all of your suggestions. Thanks!!
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