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Official TubeBuddy Tools Update on NEW Creator Studio


Hello Everyone! We know you all want to see your favorite TubeBuddy tools added to the new Creator studio!

We are constantly working on it! Some are there already, and can find out more in this video here:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOVg3QfUptc

However, we wanted to share with you the list of tools we are actively working on adding. Also what YouTube needs to do, so we can add all our tools!

Tools in the process of being added:

Thumbnail Generator Video Frame
Canned Responses
Comment Filters
Emoji Picker on Video Details
Quick Edit Toolbar
Tag Translator
Tag Sorter
My Videos Calendar
Comment Word Cloud
Language analysis

Tools Awaiting YouTube to be added:

Upload Defaults
Emoji Picker on Video Upload Page
Notification Commenting
Playlist Actions
Quick Edit Toolbar - From playlist page
Upload Checklist
Subscriber Outreach

Remember ALL of these tools are available on YouTube classic, if you want to access any of them!

We're working on them as fast as possible! Just remember it's still in beta, so sometimes YouTube can make changes that cause us to have to re-adjust our tools!

Thanks for reading, and we are EXCITED to add even more tools of ours, onto the new creator studio!


Andrew and the TubeBuddy Team


New User
I'm looking for "canned responses" in YouTube Creator Studio, but don't see it. Is it implemented yet? Ok, if not I can use classic for now, just want to make sure I'm not missing it!