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Question I'm Writing A Song, Need A Second Set Of Eyes For An Opinion


Life Is A Game
OK, I'm not sure where to post this so if its in the wrong place or there's a better section on these forums for this question please let me know. Thank you.

So, I'm currently working on a project for my gaming channel and I could use some help. About a year and a half ago I wrote a song for the videogame PUBg (It's PUBg Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Song - PUBg) and to my surprise, the song was somewhat of a hit. Its the only video on my channel that has exceeded 200 views (it was at 27,733 views at the time of posting this) with only one other video that's close to 200 and another just over 100. I guess because there are not that many songs about this game and the game was very popular at the time I wrote it that made this video so popular. This was my first time ever writing a song and though my rapping skills are lacking and the song was very simple and short it turned out pretty good considering.

It wasn't until about a couple of months ago that I was reviewing my videos learning about the analytics that I realized just how many views the video had garnered. I was in total shock. I had been off my channel for several months so I wasn't paying much attention to that. This gave me an idea, a way to get more attention to my channel. Recently I decided to create a new song around gaming. This time I wanted to tackle more than just one game in a single song and make it a bit longer. I've had this idea for about a month now but had done very little in the project. After much brainstorming, I came up with a way to make a new song that would be a bit less difficult than the last time and with more potential to get more attention. But this is where the problem comes in and why I am here looking for some help.

I decided that rather than using a copyright free instrumental rap song and try to write lyrics to match the beat (remember my rap skills are sorely lacking) I decided to try what I have seen other channels do and instead use the beat of an existing popular song and simply change the lyrics. I have seen this done before with several parody songs such as NERD ALERT - Banelings - (Justin Bieber - Baby PARODY) and Temp0 - All I Do Is Stim Ft. MuSiQ (All I Do Is Win SC2 Parody) and thought it would be easier and better this way.

So here's where I need the help.

1) I was hoping someone with experience can tell me if taking a copyrighted song and using a karaoke version with my own lyrics (like the videos above) would be a big issue. I am not concerned about losing any monetization since I am too small to make any kind of money but I don't want to cause any kind of serious issue that would get my video deleted and maybe a strike so any advice on this would be appreciated. I'm still learning about copyright rules on Youtube.

2) If it's not a problem then perhaps I could get someone to check out the lyrics I currently have and give me your opinion. With much respect for the members here, I would like someone who has at least a bit of songwriting experience to just give me a general opinion, nothing too deep unless you really want to. I want to keep this to just a few people I can trust a little at least so that the song is not already out there before I finish and upload it.

I'm writing a sing using LL Cool J's Mama Said Knock You Out music. Anyone who can give me some advice on how to proceed with this project would be greatly appreciated.