Entertainment Channel I'm looking to have a Google hangout session with somebody who just fine being mentally ill.

Uncle Dan

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HI, I'm Uncle Dan, aka The Evil Unicorn, aka White Jesus, aka The Untied Tennis Shoe. My channel, UNCLE DAN'S DUMBASSERY, is about dealing with your mental illness and the social stigma head on. Playing offense against these stupid lazy mouth breathers who have no excuse. Im bipolar, and I think some of the symptoms have made me excel. Im not trying to fit in with everyone else cause I don't like waiting for the elevator to take me back down. I want the people who are getting a self confidence boost from me to see I'm not an anomaly so they dont hold back. This isn't like any mental health channel, it's like alot of those guys are playing checkers and Im here playing Rugby. I swear (alot) Im pretty funny, but Im also so friggin smart that most people only get half the joke. But basically just an off the cuff chill session, hanging out and being friggin awesome. Obviously Im a dude, and im in my late 30's. I do have to say though, if your channel has more than 400 subs dont respond cause imma say no. My purpose in this is so focused that I can't have 1 person entertain the possibility im doing something just for subs and that becomes the convenient reason to stop trying..its bigger and more important than a number by my name. Also, you must show your face on camera.
Here's my lovely Dumbassery
If anyones interested and is a crazy person lemme know. Hell, even if you're not interested or crazy but you support what im getting at, you can say hi in the thread.
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