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Hi there!

I started this channel two days ago. And I need to know if my style is something which is worth watching or if I am wasting my time?

(I recommend watching the video before reading any furder)

So what I am trying to accomplish is: I want to share my knowledge without creating a "how-to-", "tutorial-", "science-" or "knowledge-" channel. Even tho I do want to share the knowledge I want to give the entire "show" my personal touch which includes me kidding around.
I am pretty aware of the fact that I could do a "how to unsharp-mask"-tutorial within 90 seconds, yet I decided to go for this style.

I tried to create a Video I would want to watch myself. That's also the reason why I decided not to go for an extreme youtube-like "jumpcuttery" style, where I constantly swap my framing.
I am also aware of my technical shortcoming in terms of grading, lightning, focus, sound and language.

So please don't focus on the technical side of things and more on the content, delivery side of things.
  • Did you get any of what I said?
  • Did you get distracted by my accent?
  • Would you even watch this for more than 10 seconds?
  • Would I get you to share this content?
Thanks for helping me, improve my content so I can stop Fu**ing-up things and start doing it right!

The latest video in question (Yeh no thumbnails for me yet :( )


See ya!
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Haven't read your complete description of the video so i'm typing this as i'm watching your video in real time
(Do not get triggered, this is my honest view on your video)
  • Laughed at the intro. Love this sh!t xD
  • 1:23: Feeling bored
  • 1:23 to 1:38: Is in my opinion unnecessary
  • 2:47 - 3:00: Feeling bored again.. I've already seen the f**k up
  • 5:01: Enjoying the tutorial so far but you're going too slow like.... really slow (some might prefer it that way)
  • Watched till the end (through the end card). Well done keeping me on the video.

So i've read your description and it seems we make the same type of content :D I also make tutorials that are less boring to watch. Though mine are not as funny as your's as i'm still developing my english speaking skills.
Anyway... Here are my answers to the questions you asked:
  • Got everything you said loud and clear
  • Didn't get distracted by your accent at all
  • If you could make it even funnier then for sure
  • Absolutely
I think that just sums everything up. One thing i would recommend is working on your title so more people can discover your content. That's all. Good luck on your future videos and oh... i'm your 16th subscriber ;)
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I watched the content and to begin with yes this is something interested audience will watch for more than 10 seconds.

To answer your questions in verbatim:
  • Did you get any of what I said?
    Yes I think, I learned a good tip.
  • Did you get distracted by my accent?
    No your accent is fine. It is not distracting.
  • Would you even watch this for more than 10 seconds?
    Yes, but I would encourage you to amp the energy more in first 20 seconds of the video.
  • Would I get you to share this content?
    I particularly don't know people in my circle that will benefit from this tip but its good content so I will share it on my socials.

Here is my critique:

1. The word ******** up is used way to many times. To the point where it was no longer funny.
2. I think there is a bit repetition, i.e. same information could be conveyed in a shorter video.
3. For a video explaining autofocus and focus related issues has to be in sharp focus except whenever it is intentional, I think you are using panasonic cameras and from 1:02 to 1:10 the shot goes in and out of focus, that could be better for the next time.

I hope you understand all of the critique here is making us all better and professional. Due to cut-throat competition in youtube space, we don't have any room to polish our skills on the fly and hence, these threads are invaluable to us all.
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